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I've been working for Virtual Assistants for a number of years and it has become a niche in my business.  and since everyone was asking me for is my new book on being the VAs VA!

When you become a Virtual Assistant’s Virtual Assistant you open yourself up to other opportunities. When you become a spectacular VAs VA and are proactive in all those things that I share with you in this book, you will be amazed at the numerous doors this can open for you!





"I am a virtual assistant (VAs) who hires virtual assistants to work with me. I will tell you that the author of this book, Patty Dost from Time is of the Es-Cents, is one of my VAs, so I might be a little biased, but I found this book to be dead-on. I see it time and again, someone decides to be a VA and wants to work for other VAs, but goes about it all wrong. They give up and quit because they aren’t doing the research.

Patty’s book should be required reading for anyone that wants to work as subcontractor or as part of a team with a multi-VA firm. There’s a reason Patty is successful at getting hired on a long-term basis with other VAs – she knows what she’s doing and she’s shrewd with her “marketing”. She gives a lot of her “secrets” in here.

Because Patty does have the inside scoop on being the VA’s VA, she tells you why she’s been successful at it and what you can do to follow along in her footsteps. I like that she keeps it short and very matter-of-fact. Looking to subcontract with other VAs? This is the book to read!

If I have any criticism, I would say that it was too short. Under 40 pages. I hope that she writes a follow up talking more about temperament and interacting within a team with with a team leader. It is my opinion that it takes someone very special (like Patty) to be able to work within a team and deal with people like me – I get so busy that I literally throw things at Patty randomly in email. She has the ability to remain calm and untangle whatever I’m talking about and just deal with it with little to no questions. THAT takes almost a mind reader."

Candy Beauchamp

"Patty is a ROCKSTAR. She has been an integral part of my team since 2007 and is now my Senior Project Leader. When I send a project to Patty, I consider it done. She's a joy to work with and is a true leader on my team.

Patty shares a lot of wisdom in her The VAs VA ebook. She is spot on with her assessment of Multi-VA firm owners' needs. If you are considering becoming a VAs VA, you need this book. Even if you already are a VAs VA, you will still glean valuable insight. Patty outlines what every VAs VA needs to know."

Peggy Murrah
PMA Web Services

"The VAs VA is a must have resource guide for any Virtual Assistant considering working for another VA. Patty Dost is definitely the expert. I've worked with Patty throughout the years and she is the best of the best. If you are thinking about starting a VA Business, being a VAs VA could be a wonderful opportunity to jump right in to billable hours. Listen to Patty, she knows what she is talking about. Don't make the mistakes I see so many new VAs make, read The VAs VA and learn from the best how to become a Virtual Assistant to the top VAs. Patty spells it out in an easy to read format and shares all her secrets on how she became the VA to the top VA."

Sally Kuhlman
Virtual Simplicity

"I bought the VA's VA book, wondering what working for other VAs would be about. Little did I know that this book was really going to be about me! I have never met you, but I felt like this book was written about me! I had never thought about being a VA's VA until I read your book. Once I read it and considered that I could earn an income, not have to market my business out to the world and could still do what I know and love... well! That was exactly what I was looking for and once started to think that way, I started to see opportunities! I am now subcontracted to a VA company as their Virtual Event Specialist and am enjoying all of the benefits you described in your book. It really laid it out clearly what the pros and cons are and what type of person you need to be. Thank-you so much for putting this information out there and for making me aware of another way to do business.

I am also changing the focus and target of my business to work for VAs and thinking about subcontracting for my business down the line. I will recommend this to anyone who is in the VA world."

Shannon Holloway

I purchased Patty's ebook about a month ago and found it to be very useful as I considered looking for work with another VA. Patty tells you what to expect when working for another VA, what kind of compensation you can anticipate, how to deal with your VA's clients and how working for another VA is different than working for your own clients. The ebook is full of good information. If you're getting into this business and thinking about seeking work with another VA, then this book is definitely worth a read.

John Houston
Houston Social Media Marketing


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