Client Testimonials...

"Wow! It's about the only word that came to mind when I enlisted Time Is Of the Essence to help review my new site. After an extensive redesign, and nearing my completion date, I asked Patty to look over my site and find the errors. As someone who relies on her website to connect with clients, it was imperative that all my links were working. Patty went above and beyond what I expected and found things that I never would have noticed. She made sure that it worked in several different browsers and now I have a site that I can be proud of! I highly recommend Patty Dost to help make your business shine!"
Heather Jacobson, Owner of Valley Virtual Assistants and Author of 101 Tips for the Frugal Marketer
"I've been working virtually with Patty for a few months now and I don't know what I've ever done without her. During various conversations we've had, I've explained certain things that I'm looking to do for my business and she's thought of very creative ways to assist me. She also keeps me on schedule with managing my editorial articles and making sure that they're proofread. Patty is second to none when it comes to Project Management. She's right on top of things and very well organized. I'll definitely keep using her services in the future."
Arnold Boris, Renowned Cruise Writer, Travel Critic, Author and Publisher / Editor-in-Chief of Cruise Gourmet Magazine
"The Business and Professional Exchange (BPE), located in Lafayette, Indiana, provides resources, job search assistance and networking opportunities for displaced workers. In January 2006, Patty Dost came to BPE to use these resources because CTS Microelectronics had closed its operations in the Purdue Research Park. During discussions at one of the meetings, Patty stepped up and volunteered to assist individuals by providing them business cards free of charge. The business cards provide a way for individuals to network. Patty ensures that the BPE member's employment objective, education and experience are printed on the back of the cards. They simply hand employers and/or other interested parties a professional-looking business card with contact information rather than a resume. Patty started her own administrative business at home, but still volunteers her services to BPE and BPE is thankful she does."
Chris Waymire, Vice President of Capacity Building and Organizational Development of Tecumseh Area Partnership (TAP), and President Business & Professional Exchange (BPE)

Business Colleague Testimonials...

"Patty has been a key staff member for over 5 years while I served as Plant Manager for CTS Microelectronics. As Administrative Assistant, she supported myself and my staff in preparing Operational Reviews, scheduling meetings for internal and customer visits, preparing reports and correspondence, booking and planning travel, sending faxes, mailings, answering phone calls - there was no support task Patty didn't do. As assistant to the HR Manager, Patty handled many of the day-to-day tasks of the HR department. These included manpower reports, maintaining job descriptions, tracking vacation and other time, maintaining personnel records and scheduling performance reviews, issuing IDs and entry badges, and the list goes on. Not to be done, Patty performed payroll accounting functions as well, ensuring data completed and on time for ADP processing.

Patty has been a pleasure to work with - very professional and always willing to do more. She handles a lot of data with high accuracy. She is proficient with MS applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Patty will do a very outstanding job for the next President or General Manager she works for. You can be assured she will serve your organization well."
Don Granitz, Former Plant Manager, CTS Microelectronics
"I worked with Patty for several years. During this time, Patty was employed with CTS Corporation's Microelectronics SBU in West Lafayette, Indiana. I always found Patty to be very hardworking, organized and a valuable part of CTS' team."
Debbie Cranmer, Senior Administrative Assistant, CTS Corporation
"Patty Dost was employed by CTS Corporation from November 1994 until January 2006. During her tenure at CTS, she worked as the Administrative Assistant to the Business Unit General Manager and the Human Resource Manager.

Patty Dost is an outstanding employee with a broad knowledge of Human Resource and payroll systems. She teamed with our Human Resource manager to form one of the strongest Human Resource Departments in CTS. In addition to her strong technical skills, Patty has a dedication to her job that is unrivaled. She is more than a strong senior administrator, she is a business partner to the organization.

Unfortunately, CTS made the decision to close our West Lafayette facility.

Without question, I give Patty my highest personal and professional recommendation."
James L. Cummins, Senior Vice President Administration, CTS Corporation
"I have known Patty for fifteen years and have worked closely with her for more than seven of those years. I find her extremely competent and enjoyable to work with. She was always eager to learn and willing to take on new assignments. She is bright, innovative, and dependable.

I give you my highest recommendation with the knowledge that Patty Dost will serve you with devotion and skill."
Donald R. Schroeder, President, CTS Corporation, Electronics Manufacturing Solutions
"While Patty did not report directly to me, I worked very closely with her on a regular basis.

During Patty's service with CTS Microelectronics, I interacted frequently with her and depended on her. Patty was very goal oriented and was always punctual. She was dedicated to her work and the job at hand. She is an innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision. Many times during her employment with CTS Microelectronics, Patty demonstrated her ability to take on new tasks and solve problems. She has excellent administrative skills, learns very quickly and is well organized. Patty has excellent people skills, she communicates well with all individuals from the manufacturing operators up to and including the customers. In her roles as Executive Secretary and Human Resource Administrator, she was in the position of handling company confidential and employee personal information and did so very professionally, without any compromise. Patty is someone who can be trusted in this type of role.

In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Patty Dost. I feel confident she would be an asset to your organization."
James E. Elsner, Former Engineering Manager, CTS Microelectronics


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