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The WAHM Contest Results Are In!!!

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

The results are in. The votes have been tabulated. (And tabulated again)

Wow! The race was CLOSE!

It came down to a cat and mouse chase between Alyssa Avant and Jennifer Gniadecki and all three of us have been biting our nails and watching the votes stream in this evening.

With a crazy total of 119 votes overall – these are the results:

45 people voted for Alyssa Avant, making her our official “Who Should Win” Winner!

Congratulations Alyssa and thanks to all who voted.

But… that’s not all :)

There’s a twist.

There has to be!

In this case, the twist is that Alyssa was already a current member of Mom Masterminds when she entered the contest. But, since I hadn’t made it a rule that current members couldn’t join – her submission was fair and good.

But – Alyssa has already paid for five of the twelve months of towards her Graduated Lifetime Membership that she just won – so technically, I still have five months of membership to give away :)

And I have decided to give that five months to Jennifer who came so close to winning.

So, congratulations to Alyssa and Jennifer!

And truly – I am so grateful for the huge turn out for our first ‘Who Should Win’ Blog Contest!

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WAHM Contest

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

I was just on one of the forums that I frequent (VANA) and found that one of my bestest friends is in a contest. Click on this link (WAHM Contest) and vote for Jennifer! She definitely deserves to win.